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Press Release

The Book We All Need – 100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed

‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed’ written by Mark Ridley and Ian Mills is a powerful pocket book to help anyone reshape and transform their career, work and personal lives. Full of quick and easy tips to take control of your life immediately, whether you are struggling to overcome a difficult day, week, job, boss, even relationship – drawing on both the authors’ many years as successful international business consultants for FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

It is a book that you will constantly read on and off and it really doesn’t matter where you start, or at which page you open. As each of the ‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed’’ is written to stand alone; designed to prompt you to consider what you say, challenge how you act and, hopefully, to reappraise some of what you believe. Just one of these ideas within this book is enough to help you change your life or career; it is all about the power of a good idea and is one of the key features and strengths of this book.

In full colour throughout, ‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed’ is intended to help us all make sense of the things that happen to us; to challenge, probe and prompt us to do things better and assist us all in our personal journey to achieve impressive spectacular results!

This is just what some high-profile people in business have said about this remarkable book:

  • Louis Jordan, Vice Chairman, Deloitte says, “You dip in, find something that works for you in that moment and come away feeling more positive. This book has real charm.”
  • Richard Clayton, Head of Group Learning Delivery, Lloyds Banking Group says,”Great little book… really encouraged me to think about how I can be more effective in all that I do!”
  • Rocco Magno, Vice President, American Express says, “Simple and pragmatic – the ideas are applicable to all aspects of anyone’s life. This book has made me think more about my personal impact.”

Finally, Mark Ridley and Ian Mills say in their book, ‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed, “Lasting success isn’t about doing one thing better. It is about doing many things a little better, all of the time…and knowing why. Those little changes can add up to big success.  If this book offers you choices and perhaps even changes some perceptions, then it will have been well worth our while writing it.”

Notes to editors

  • The book, ‘100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed’ is available now on Amazon. The book is published by LID Publishing and is priced at £9.99.
  • Selection of quirky quick tip ‘100 Big Ideas’ videos to inspire and get you going.

Mark Ridley (director) and Ian Mills (CEO) are owners of Transform Performance International, a global business improvement consultancy. They work with clients all over the world, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.