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Table of Contents

The Book We All Need – 100 Big Ideas to Help You Succeed



If you think you’ll fail – you probably will!

Practise persistence

Build upon your strengths

Move “toward”, not “away”

Acquire authenticity

Be brave

The BUT stops here!

Turn “I Can’t” into “I Can”

Free coaching!

Vision on!

Ask and you will get

Emailing on Sunday

Find every way to be wrong

Smile more

Say it without speaking

Shout “STOP!” occasionally

Make full use of YouTube

Grab attention

Who do you think you are?

The web of influence


Build a database

Keep your distribution list relevant

Make your calls late and early

Tidy desk, tidy mind

Tough things first

Close your eyes on the phone

Take a break

Open a window

Avoid big meetings

The ten beliefs of excellence

Success is an attitude

Theoretical attitudes

Utilitarian attitudes

Social attitudes

Aesthetic attitudes

Individualistic attitudes

Traditional attitudes

The double agenda


Matching and mismatching

Chunking it

VAK it!

Internal and external references

Distortions, deletions and generalizations

Be fully present

Listen with your feet

The Rule of Four

Professional rapport

Personal rapport

Feel, Felt, Found



Persuasive influences

Influence with similarity

Influence through commitment

Use humour in negotiations

The influence of friendship

Clean questions

The magic wand

Regain control

The single question

Causal questions

Hidden messages

Perfect timing

Tell stories

Embedded commands

The rhythm of repetition



Press releases

Less is always more

Total impact

Hypnotic language

Keep pace

Talk to yourself

Let your body speak

Tone of voice

Authoritative influence

Superfluous or plain useless?

Sell value

Gift them your business card

A trusting handshake

Be dependable

Show integrity

Be credible

Develop empathy

Be consistent

Think customer

Numbers not %

Swipe it

Use Google alerts

Use RSS feeds

The power of LinkedIn and Facebook

Find positive coping strategies

Understand your role

Apply RACT

Get them on your RADAR

Because need drives every opportunity

100 The successive imperative

About the Authors 110

Picture Acknowledgements